Pricing will vary, depending on:

  • the location of your venue
  • the date and time of your celebration – holidays and unusual times (like a midnight or sunrise wedding) may be priced higher
  • which language(s) you choose
  • whether or not a wedding rehearsal is involved
  • whether your celebration requires significant rewriting or extensive creation of new materials
  • unusual logistics – like a hike up mountain trails to get to the location, being out on a boat all day, etc.
  • whether you need me to accompany one of you to purchase your marriage license (as mandated by state law in certain circumstances)
  • possibly other factors…even having done hundreds of weddings, sometimes an extraordinary wedding request can still surprise me!

With a few exceptions – like going with you to obtain your marriage license, attending a rehearsal, that unexpected request I never saw coming, etc. – everything is included in one flat fee, no add-ons.

Please feel free to call (877) 237-9485 for a friendly conversation and your free price quote.

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